Helping Set the Table

By Ryan Dawson

There is something amazing about sitting down to a family meal.   Gathering at our table to enjoy a roast or some other tasty dish is a real gift.  I love the times of interaction with our family members, the laughter and celebration, and the meaningful dialogue as we discuss our respective days, and encourage one another.  All of this is life giving but it won’t happen unless something very important happens first - we need to set the table!  You see without plates and forks and knives we will have a hard time enjoying our family meal.   After all we don’t live in the Middle Ages where one knife and a board will do to polish off half a cow.  Without people setting the table we can’t enjoy the family meal.  

Every Sunday we gather as the family of God, to enjoy a spiritual meal together.  We come together to sing and celebrate, and to “feast” on God’s Word and the living Christ.   We come together to encourage and inspire one another to love and good deeds.  Our time together is life giving and a gift from God.  But we can’t enjoy this time together until something very important happens first - we need to set up!   We need chairs and tables, sound & media equipment, banners, stages, instruments, and coffee and tea to make our “spiritual family meal” a great experience for all.  

We have an incredibly dedicated and faithful team that helps with set up and tear down, but they are too few in number, and it’s often the same people week in and week out.  We need another 12-15 people to join this team so we can continue to “set the table” so we encounter Jesus each Sunday.   It’s easy to help and it’s fun to be involved in this way, and you also get to pray for the people who sit in the chairs each Sunday.  This is a great activity to do as families, as our young children love to help, and we can also serve together as Impact Communities.  Can you please consider giving one Sunday, every couple months, to help with set up as a way to bless our church family?   This would be a real gift!

We also have exciting opportunities within our Tech & Media, Worship, Welcome & Hospitality teams to serve and grow, and investing in the Next Generation through Kids and Youth Ministry is an incredible experience.  God has given you specific gifts and abilities and we are stronger together so look for ways to engage and invest in your church family.  There is a place for you to serve at Sequoia, and remember – you are blessed to be a blessing!  

Take time today to fill in the “Serve Form”, or Text “Serve” to 613-909-8874 for your next steps.  Thanks for your willingness to serve like Jesus!
Blessings, Ryan

“Even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”  Mark 10:41-45