Impact Communities

"It seems that we humans were designed to find our purpose and meaning not simply in ourselves and our own inner lives, but in one another and in the shared meaning and purposes of a family, a street, a workplace, a community, a town, a nation." - N.T Wright

What is an Impact Community?

At Sequoia, our Impact Communities (IC's) are small to mid-sized groups of people who are first and foremost seeking the Kingdom of Jesus together. IC's understand that God has made them to be much more than a group of friends or a Bible study, but rather a Family of Servants on Mission. Our IC's are passionate about growing family-like relationships with others, partnering together to serve others like Jesus, and pursuing God's mission together among a particular neighborhood, relational network, or people group in our city. So regardless of your life-stage or where you are on your spiritual journey, you will grow and thrive in an Impact Community!

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