A Legacy of Faithfulness

By Ryan Dawson

What does a servant-leader look like?  This Sunday in our in-person services we will be honouring Donna Boisvert as she retires from her pastoral role at Sequoia. Donna has served on staff faithfully for an incredible 21 years, which is nearly the duration of Sequoia’s existence as a church.  At the end of May, Donna will be stepping back from her various leadership roles, but she will continue to serve in a Bookkeeping role going forward.  

Donna is a humble servant, who loves Jesus and loves people.  She is a very competent and accomplished leader who has given so much to Sequoia and the Kingdom for over two decades.  Donna is a gift to me and so many who know her because she is constantly seeking to make things better for those she serves with love and excellence.  

Of course, Donna has been supported so well by her amazing husband Mike, who has been an incredible ministry partner for all these years.  Most times you will see Donna and Mike serving together giving their very best to bless others in some way.  They are an incredible example of a Christ-centred couple who seeks to honour and serve Jesus through their marriage and with their lives.   Donna has also been well supported by her son Matt, who first suggested she check out Sequoia – a church that “emphasizes a relationship not a religion.”   We are so grateful for Mike and Matt and how they have enabled Donna to soar in ministry for all these years.  

Donna and Mike first came to Sequoia in July 2001, after receiving a coffee on the street from a Sequoia member.  In April 2002, Donna and Mike were baptized at Sequoia and Donna soon joined the Sequoia staff team in October of 2002.  Since then, Donna has worked humbly, & tirelessly with excellence in many different roles.  So often she is working behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly, which is such a gift to those who work alongside her.  We might not always notice the work Donna does, but we would sure notice things, if she didn't do her work so well!  Donna keeps things running so well.

In the past 21 years Donna has served as a Care Minister, Connect & Serve Base Coach, Church Health Team Leader, Mission & Outreach Leader, Operations & Facilities Manager, Office & Finance Manager & Bookkeeper, Women’s Ministry Coordinator, Feet to Faith Team Leader, Disaster Relief Team Leader, Build Team Leader, Serve Team Leader, Connect, Community & Operations Director. She has managed four office moves and two office renovations.  She has done all this and much more with joy.  

Donna has also served at a national & regional level as a member of the CNBC National Church Health Team, as an Eastern Canada Disaster Relief Coordinator, and a Board Member for Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary. She also helped pioneer Respond Ottawa, here in Ottawa, which is a ministry to help the Church serve the City in crisis, which she and Mike do regularly when need arises.  

Donna has given so much for so many years and we are deeply grateful for her devotion to Jesus and her heart to serve so faithfully!  She embodies Colossians 3:23-24 (NLT) so well:  “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. Remember that the Lord will give you an inheritance as your reward, and that the Master you are serving is Christ.”

Donna doesn’t seek the limelight and much prefers to work in the background, as she points us all to Jesus.  But Donna is the very definition of a servant-leader, and we are all better because we know her.  It has been a gift to serve alongside Donna and we are excited to honour her this Sunday.  We hope you will join us and take the opportunity to express your gratitude to this dear sister in Christ for her faithfulness to Jesus Christ and His Church.  

With much love and appreciation,