Are you in the Battle?

By Heather Pennington

Are You in the Battle or on the Side Lines?
As our team sat in our last staff meeting we spoke about the things we had been asking the Lord for in the previous months. As we celebrated all the ways we have seen God answer us in big and small ways, I sat in absolute awe. No matter how deeply I understand the promise that we have in John 16:24 of “ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete”  I am amazed every time He responds. Knowing this truth, I find it equally amazing how I constantly find myself veering off course and taking the hard road of going it alone or simply accepting the rubbish life throws at us and our families and friends, and watching passively from the sidelines.


Our living God has provided us with everything we need, we are fully equipped to ask for the things placed on our hearts, to give our burdens, our sicknesses, our pain to Him, to open the door where He is waiting to be let in to help us. He has provided a living breathing example of how to pray, in the life of Jesus. He has provided our Holy Spirit to direct us, to intercede for us, to be with us in every step of every day. He has provided the word of God, a book filled with prayers of his people, and the examples of how it went when they veered off on their own. He has provided incredible ministry leaders to spur us on, teach us, and encourage us to grow in our prayerful life.

September is a big month for most, school begins, work ramps up as people return from the slower pace of summer, the whirlwind of life takes off. Before the busyness of each day begins bring your cares to the Lord, and ASK, my friends. We are not called to be bystanders, ask and be in awe of how He answers!

This Sunday is Pop-Up Sunday, where we celebrate our kids moving to new grades. We will have a basket filled with Sequoia students names, at the gym doors, following the services. Will you take a name and fight in the battle for a student?  Tuck the name in your Bible or post it on your fridge or bathroom mirror and pray for them throughout this school year. Your prayers have the power to change lives. Believe it! You are a mighty warrior for the King of Kings!

How many of us are on the sidelines or trying to go it alone? Who wants their joy to be complete, who wants their kids joy to be complete? Ask and you will receive, sweet friends!

Your sister in Christ,


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