"Sir, we would see Jesus"

By Ryan Dawson 

There is a story recorded in John’s gospel during the Passover celebration when some Greeks, hearing of Jesus, approached the disciples for an audience with Christ.  Word had spread that Christ had raised Lazarus from the dead, so people were eager to meet this miracle worker.  John records the encounter like this…

Now there were certain Greeks among those that went up to worship at the feast: these therefore came to Philip, who was of Bethsaida of Galilee, and asked him, saying, Sir, we would see Jesus. John 12:20-21 (ASV)

In many translations like the New Living Translation their request is softened:  “Sir, we want to meet Jesus.”  But that translation misses some of the urgency and directness of their appeal, which the American Stand Version bears out - “We would see Jesus!”  It wasn’t really a question or a request, it was a demand.  They were desperate to see and meet Jesus.  

How desperate are we to see and meet Jesus?   How desperate are we to help others see Jesus?   I have been wrestling with these questions this week as I have spent time with some good brothers on an island off the Sunshine coast in BC.  I have been reminded again this week that the best thing we can do for ourselves and for others, is to see Jesus “full of unfailing love and faithfulness.” (John 1:14).  

Throughout this week, I have been blessed in my time with the Lord in quietness, and I have also sensed His presence through the gift of Gospel community this week.  I have seen Jesus in the beauty of the creation around me, and the incredible meals prepared for us in love, and in the words and actions of friends.  Jesus has been with us this week and His presence is undeniable.  

People all around us are desperate to see and meet Jesus, even if they don't realize they are looking for Him.  People are chasing life in sorts of places but what they really need is Jesus, and we have the privilege and responsibility to help them meet Jesus.  We exist as a church to help people "see Jesus!"  

There is a simplicity of life that comes when “seeing Jesus” becomes the focus of our belief and our practise.   I need this more in my life – “Sir, I would see Jesus.”   May this become more and more the refrain of my heart and life.  

I pray that you would also “see Jesus” today in some way, and that you would experience His unfailing love and faithfulness.  You are loved more than you know, and God’s heart is full towards you.  May you see and experience God’s love in greater measure as you live in a way that reveals Christ to the world.  

With much love in Christ, Ryan