Life in His Name

By Ryan Dawson 

Where do we find true life? 
The Apostle John writes near the end of his Gospel: “But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.”  (John 20:31) 

I read that this week as we near the end of our 90 Day Gospel Reading Challenge.  The Scriptures are a gift to us so that we can receive the Life found through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  As we spend time in God’s Word we encounter Christ, who is the Living Word, and this transforms us as we encounter God’s love and grace in greater ways.  As we get to know God we grow to become more like Jesus in character and conduct, so we experience the full measure of Life in Christ.  

I hope that you have been blessed by the 90 Day Gospel Reading Challenge and you have formed the habit of spending time with God each day.  I have heard stories of how people have met with the Lord in these days, spent time together as couples and families reflecting on the words of Christ, and grown in faith and obedience.  I want to encourage you to continue in the habit of going to God each day, by reading Scripture and spending time in prayer.  You might be wondering how you keep growing in this healthy rhythm.  Here are a few ideas for you…

•The Book of Proverbs has 31 chapters.  You could spend the next month looking at a chapter in Proverbs reflecting on the path to true wisdom found in a relationship with God.  

•There are 150 Psalms.  This is the ancient song book and prayer book for the Church.  You could spend the next 150 days working through a Psalm each day as an individual or family.  

•The Book of Romans is a treasure chest filled with life changing Truth.  Take the next 30 or 60 days to soak in the reality of the Gospel – Who God is and Who you are in Him.  

•The Book of Revelation has 22 chapters.  You could spend the next month looking at how “Jesus wins” in the end and this will fuel your heart with hope, and help you live a faithful and fruitful life.

•There are also many different aids on Right Now Media, the You Version App, and the Gospel Project that can help you study God’s Word, but in my mind, there is no substitute for spending time each day in your paper Bible, with your journal, in the Presence of God.  

•If you didn’t join in for the 90 Day Gospel Reading Challenge you could start your own.  There are 89 chapters in the 4 gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John) making it a great challenge for a chapter a day over the next 3 months.  

Whatever you choose to do, know that the more you prioritize your time with God in His Word, the more you will experience “Life in His name!”  So, keep reading, reflecting, and resting in God’s grace.  

Blessings, Ryan