Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Form

1. How do I set it up?
Please fill in the information form below with your selected preferences. If you have questions email admin@sequoiachurch.org or call 613-224-0700.

2. How often can I give?
We process EFT payments biweekly on Fridays or on the 15th or 30th day of the month. Therefore you have the option of giving every two weeks, twice a month or once a month.
What if I want to stop the payments or make changes?
Simply email the office manager/bookkeeper at: admin@sequoiachurch.org.

3. Is my information safe?
Yes. Sequoia requires two approvals or signatures on all transactions, so all EFTs are set up by the office manager and approved by the treasurer. This ‘two-signature’ process is in line with audit recommendations. All banking information is shredded after the first payment is processed.

Thank you very much for your generosity! You can fill out the information below to set up your EFT today.