Meet Jeremy!

Jeremy grew up in Ottawa, and has been part of the Sequoia family from an early age. Although Jeremy grew up in the church, including attending youth group regularly, it was not until late in his high school years that he decided to live fully for Jesus. Through serving as a youth leader at Sequoia, Jeremy is committed to helping youth discover who Jesus is and the difference that a relationship with Christ can make in their lives. As the Catalyst Youth Leader, Jeremy helps high school students understand and embrace their identity in Christ. He is also passionate about bringing the Good News of Jesus to the nations, especially Unreached People Groups, which has been fostered from serving on mission in Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Senegal, West Africa. Jeremy got married in 2020 to his his beautiful wife, Jenelle. He has a passion for playing sports, travelling, and music!

What he loves most about Sequoia…“We are imperfect people, living in authentic community with one another, taking seriously Jesus’ command to bring the Gospel to our community and beyond.”